Best Breweries near Carrolton for a Lavish Mouthfeel

Craft beers are arguably one of the most versatile beverages with a wide extent of untapped potential still waiting to be brewed out. With unexplored possibilities and opportunities that await experimentation, breweries act as the ideal spot for craft beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs. For the people who find joy by trying various experimental brews, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Breweries Near Carrollton where enthusiasts can delight themselves with high-quality brews.

Three Nations Brewing

The aptly named Three Nations Brewery is renowned for its tendency to experiment with the best brewing traditions of Germany, Belgium, and England to fuse them together with the familiar sense of American ingenuity. Each of the beers served here boasts of unique characteristics and distinctive aromas as they are treated with exotic spices and addition of citrus peels. The popular drinks that are served here include the Haze Wizard along with the Mango Smash IPA. The Three Nations Brewery is also known for their various cultural event hosting that is given a unique twist with the inclusion of their delicious craft beers.

Bitter Sisters Brewing Company

The Bitter Sisters Brewing Company is known for the experience they hold in the art of brewing distinctive beer flavors. Rather than widening their perspective, they aim to perfect their art of brewing with their pre-existing menu that already flaunts a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Their beverage list is mainly dedicated to lagers and ales, each of which is served with distinctive characteristics and flavorful aromas. The brewery is a hub for hosting a number of events, all of which are listed on their dedicated website. Visitors are given the additional privilege of a full-fledged guided tour of their taproom which is made better through their commemorative beer pint glass that is given away as a souvenir to selected guests.

Pegasus City Brewery

Pegasus City Brewery is renowned for its extreme hospitality towards their customers and also for their wide variety of seasonal and all-year-round craft beers. They offer some of the most delicious and unique craft beers. Their menu changes respective to the transitioning season and festivities. They allow their customers to bring their preferred snacks to enjoy while sipping on their distinctive beers. The Pegasus City Brewery is also pet-friendly as manageable pets are allowed to enjoy the ambiance of the brewery in their patio.

Peticolas Brewing Company

Peticolas Brewing Company is an experience of its own. Owing to their one-of-a-kind selection of exquisite beer flavors and the additional features of the place, the Peticolas Brewing Company is one of the ideal places where craft beer enthusiasts can visit to enjoy their preferred selection of food coupled with varying tastes for craft beers. Customers visiting the place on the third and first Saturdays of the month are treated with a guided tour of their taproom where they can taste samples for any one of the available 18 beers on tap to get a glimpse of the brilliance that the place has to offer.

To Conclude

The above mentioned list details the Best Breweries near Carrollton where craft beer lovers can enhance their senses and delight their taste buds as they sip on some of the most exotic beer flavors.

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