If not on a Sugar-Free Diet, Sugar Shack offers the Best Sugary Foods

You may relish visiting the cabane à sucre in the beautiful cities of Montreal and Quebec. These cities would offer you with charming places that would take your breath away. Apart from the places having a history to be shared, you would also make the most of the culinary they have to offer. Life has moved on in these regions considerably.

Most parts of the city have become as contemporary as other available cities in the world. Therefore, if you were looking forward to making the most of the old town sights, you would be required to venture the traditional parts of the region.

It would always be a gold mine to get out of the city and explore the countryside. The slower pace of these regions along with a smaller number of the resident would provide you with a serene environment. You could make the most of your time at the sugar shack.

What do you mean by a sugar shack?

Sugar shacks would be best described as a place where the sap of the maple tree would be boiled and transformed into maple syrup. A majority of sugar shacks in the region would be opened during the sugaring-off season.

It would be the spring season when several families would enjoy spending time having dinners together at the sugar shack in a traditional manner. Sugar shack would cater these families with traditional food along with lots of maple sugar.

Food to enjoy at the sugar shack

You would be spoilt for options at the sugar shack. However, you cannot deny the fact that the menu would entail food items that would make you fat provided you eat here more than once. In case, you were a vegetarian or on a diet, the sugar shack menu is not for you.

The quantity of food would be amazing. There would be things that you may not have ever heard about such as Christ’s Ears (Oreilles de crises). It would be some kind of fried pork food item, pea soup, homemade bread, and meat pie. However, you should rest assured that the food would be a mouthful and certainly add some pounds to the body weight.

The sights and the food would be the major reasons why people throng to the place repeatedly. With all the sugar involved in the food preparation, you would probably end up consuming a year’s worth of sugar in the sugar shack food. However, it would be worth every bite.

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