Remove the Cheat Day When Maintaining a Diet Plan

When you read some diet tips, you might hear people recommending that you include a cheat day. It could be a day or an hour during the week when you can eat whatever you want and forget that you are maintaining a diet plan.

According to some people, the idea of having a cheat day allows you to stay focused on your diet technique because you do not feel burdened. There is a time that you will look forward to each week when you can throw your plan out of the window and feel satisfied with what you eat.

Although some people say that they maintained their diet plan despite having a cheat day, many others do not. The primary reason is that when you have a taste of what it is like to not be on a diet plan, it becomes more difficult for you to return to your plan. Imagine if you decided to follow a vegetarian diet, but you tasted meat once during the week. You might realise that the vegetarian diet is not something you want to pursue although you saw changes in your body when you followed that technique.

Your cheat day could reverse progress

You worked hard throughout the week to obtain the results you wanted. You saw a drop in your weight because of such efforts. Imagine if you suddenly decided to eat a whole box of pizza or a bucket of fried chicken since there are no rules on your cheat day. You might gain everything that you lost during the week and need start over again. If you keep repeating this cycle, with a cheat day, your entire efforts will be futile.

You will feel tempted to increase your cheat day

Perhaps, you have enough discipline to stick with one cheat day and then get back to your planned weight loss techniques once that day is over. However, it is possible that you like the cheat day and decide to have one more day to cheat. After some time, you might forget your diet plan because each day becomes a cheat day.

You are only cheating yourself

Even if you tell yourself that a cheat day is not permanent and you only want to take a break, the truth is that you are only cheating yourself in the process. You are convincing yourself that you are doing everything right even when you are not.

Given these reasons, it is time for you to stop cheating on yourself and stick with a diet plan that works. If your diet still tempts you to cheat, you have an incorrect programme. Find an expert to give you a good plan that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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