Signs You’re a True New Yorker

Living in the Big Apple is a dream come true for many. It’s the gold standard for city living. You meet the best people because you’re in the best city. Here are signs you’re a real New Yorker through and through:

You can walk several city blocks – no sweat

Traffic is one of the irritating problems in the boroughs. Public transportation is also one of the worst things about the city. You can’t exactly rely on it to reach your destination on time. That’s why you are already used to walking.

You see celebrities all the time

The rich and famous always drop by NYC. You’ll definitely spot one almost every day.

You get mad at tourists

In New York, everyone’s running at a breakneck speed. There’s no time for idling around. You need to move quickly to keep up with everyone else. That’s why you’ll often get frustrated if there are tourists in the area.

You can hail a cab properly

Hailing a cab in New York can be quite challenging. You learn fast that you can’t just stand on the sidewalk and wave your arms in the hopes of getting the attention of a driver. You assert yourself and find the ideal spot to get a cab. Step off the sidewalk if you need to.

You know where the best pizza is in the five boroughs

Who doesn’t know about New York pizza? It’s arguably the best there is across the world. There’s something sinful about biting into the thin, crisp crust. New York-style pizza is always available on every corner of the street, and it’s served hot and fresh every day. Not to mention, it’s topped with the right amount of mozzarella cheese to get that gooey texture it’s known for. It’s a sumptuous meal you can have on the go.

You stand in line for bagels

The traditional breakfast food for New Yorkers is bagels. This chewy and hand-rolled bread is an excellent pair to bacon or eggs, with a side of cream cheese.  The city has already perfected the art of making bagels, and they’ve become legendary across state lines. Not many can replicate the New York bagel recipe outside of the boroughs, so it’s something you would have no problem lining up for in the wee hours of the morning.

You have a kosher restaurant that you frequent too

Kosher restaurants in NYC have evolved. They can whip up any of your comfort food. Whether you want a nicely grilled steak, kebabs, vegetable rolls or a sushi platter, they can make it for you. You undoubtedly hit it up once each week.

You jaywalk

You’ve done this several times in your entire life. Especially when you forgot to wake up on time, and you’re running late for a meeting downtown. You need to get a move on to make it in time.

These are the signs you’re a true New Yorker.

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