Tracking Temperatures to Smoke Duck Meat Perfectly

Special occasions and holidays become more memorable when people share delicious meals. If you are looking to try something different but still mouth-watering, consider preparing a smoked duck. Slow-cooked duck is rich and flavorful as well as a unique dish that can surely please everyone. To achieve the best-smoked duck, here are thermal secrets you should consider:

Why Duck Meat is Different

Ducks can fly hundreds of miles per day and have muscles that are rich in myoglobin due to their activity. Also, these birds swim and have a thicker layer of fat over their breast. This explains their buoyancy. Duck meat is entirely dark, moist, and flavorful. If you love dark turkey meat at Thanksgiving, a duck is worth a try. It is going to be a perfect treat.

How to Cook the Duck Perfectly

When you cook a whole chicken or turkey, you have to balance the doneness of the lean white meat of the breasts and dark leg meat. However, as duck is all dark meat, it is less tricky to cook. You only have to set the right cooking temperature to ensure the fat is properly dissolved.

The traditional smoking temperature required for cooking meat is 200 F to 275 F. However, duck needs a higher temperature for proper fat rendering. The recommended temperature is 300 F to 325 F. Just like other poultry, duck has a doneness temperature of 165 F. It is important to track the temperature of the duck during the cook and verify its pull temperature to ensure the quality and safety of the cooked meat.

Is It Safe to Consume Pink Cooked Duck?

Fresh duck that has reached a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 F may still be pink in the center. But, it should be safe to consume. The pink color in the meat can be caused by the added ingredients or the cooking method. It is possible for dark poultry meat to look pink when cooked to a safe internal temperature, especially when smoked.

Temperature Tools that can be Used

To achieve the perfect doneness in your smoked chicken, you can use any of the following temperature tools:

  • Dual channel alarm thermometer. This tracks the meat temperature and the cooker temperature.
  • Straight high temp probe. You will need this tool for tracking the internal temperatures of duck breast.
  • Digital instant red. This tool will minimize your temperature spot-checking time.

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